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A writer cannot expand a timeless classic without an impending sense of doom. Doing so challenges readers to view beloved characters in new and compelling ways. Through the years Leroux's original novel has had numerous progenies. Fans of Phantom of the Opera are faithful to the versions they love whether it be the musical adaptation of Ken Hill or the film starring Lon Chaney. One thing it seems all Phantom fans appreciate is a deep respect for Gaston Leroux and his vision of a sensual madman? ~Jennifer Linforth

Welcome to the official home page of The Madrigals a series expanding Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera. Here you will find news and updates on the books, articles on themes and symbolism in Leroux's Phantom, contests and more. Enjoy some Tokay and stay awhile?

"Ms. Linforth has written a love story sure to please Phantom fans old and new alike."

~ Amanda Ashley, NYT Best-selling author


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